Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My Favorite Websites

I have a few favorite websites/blogs that I turn to all the time.  Some are new, some have been around for a  while.  While most of them offer fashion and beauty advice, there are some that focus on just lifestyle, cooking and careers.  Whatever you are looking for, check out the following sites!

1. The Everygirl
This is more a site about lifestyle.  Whether it's fashion, career, or home advice you can find it all here!  I can't say enough about this site!  They also just opened up an online store with super cute items (can't wait to get my print in the mail!)


2. Career Girl Network
This is your go-to site for career advice! Has great articles about searching for a job, tips for interviewing and how to grow your career.

This is a brand new site that Lindsey launched last week.  It has all things fashion, beauty, chat forums and even an online store where you can purchase her favorite items. It's just amazing that a young (talented) lady has such an awesome site!  I can't wait to see her add more content to it!  Check her YouTube channel out, as well. That is where she got her start.
I was just recently introduced to this site by meeting the creator, Diane on Twitter. Awesome person!  Gives great style and beauty ideas.  A wide variety of information on the site. A must have for beauty/fashion guru!

A great site for all things sweet!  Love seeing her recipes.  Normally very easy to follow along and make.  Why would you not go to a site about desserts!?!  (looking forward to making those peanut butter chip sugar cookies)   
There are a lot of other sites that I love going to, but I would be here for days listing them. :)  Thinking about doing a post each month of my top 5 favorite sites.  Let me know what you think.  Would you be interested in seeing new and up and coming sites?  If you would like your site featured on my blog-send me a message on Twitter (@Holsnicole)
Happy Turkey Day, Everyone!

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