Sunday, December 8, 2013

Holiday Party Issues....SOLVED!

Recently I came across a website that can help you with all your party planning blunders.  Revelry House is a company founded by none other than Lo Bosworth and Christianna Amodio.

This website offers curated boxes for a fabulous party!  I love their holiday collection box! Overall, these boxes are priced pretty reasonable.  If you think about it, once you drive to the party store, pick out and purchase everything, you have wasted so much time.  It's just a smart choice to purchase it online and have everything in one box shipped directly to you. Wrapped perfectly! 

The website also has how-to cooking videos, party attire advice, and pretty much anything to make your party the one that "everyone keeps talking about".

Don't forget to check out Lo Bosworth's website-The Lo Down for everyday advice.  Some of the best fashion and food ideas are on this site! Totally obsessed!


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