Friday, August 30, 2013

August Favorites

There are a couple of products that I have been just loving this month.  Figured I should share before the month is over.  I have a few hair, skin and makeup why don't we just dive into it.....

1. Not Your Mother's-Beat The Heat Thermal Shield Spray
         Not only does this product smell wonderful it does wonders for my hair.

2. it's a 10-miracle leave-in Lite
          I received this travel size bottle in last months New Beauty Test Tube.  It has been great! I  spray it into my hair after towel drying and it is a great least for me. Wish I didn't use it up so fast.

3. Philosophy-Purity one-step facial cleanser
          I don't use it on my face, but rather to clean my Beauty Blender.  I know its kind of a pricy cleanser to use on just a sponge, but I have invested a lot of money into the blender and I want to keep it lasting for a long time. Purity is such a gentle cleanser.

4. Benefit- Watt's Up
          It's a great highlighter.   I use it on the top of my cheek bones and blend it in with my finger.  It leaves a really dewy look, which I love for the summer.  Right now I'm just using a travel size, but looking forward to buying the full size sometime soon!

5. Ulta Brand- Lip Crayon in Coral Kiss
          Cheap option for a lip crayon.  Gives off great long lasting color.  Will be repurchasing this product and also in different colors.

Check these products out you won't be disappointed!


Sunday, August 25, 2013

Simple Brand Review

I haven't always been the greatest on taking my make-up off at night, washing my face (other than in the shower) or using the best moisturizer.  That all changed once I started using Simple Brand products.

I started out by using their cleansing facial wipes to get rid of my make-up in the evening. At first I was a little skeptical, since the first few wipes were kind of dry in the pack.  The further I got through the pack the more moist the wipes were and the better they took off the make-up and dirt.

One a recent trip to Ulta, I was on the hunt to purchase their protecting light moisturizer.  I am completely in love with it!  Not only does it smell fresh, it feels super light on the skin and my make-up just glides over it.  Helps it's also oil free and has SPF 15!

I also picked up a travel size kit of their moisturizing facial wash, cleansing facial wipes and replenishing rich moisturizer. Which was on sale for a little over $4-what a great deal and also great for my trip to Chicago soon! :)

Ulta was having a sale and also a promotion going on at the time (I think they still do)  If you spent $15, you got a make-up case and samples of more Simple Brand and Own renewing products.

Check out Simple Brand products-you won't regret it!


Sunday, August 18, 2013

Tiffany Blue Converse-Next Shoe Purchase!

I came across these shoes on Pinterest and I just fell in love with them....of course it helped that they are the fabulous Tiffany blue color, :) I did a little digging and found them right on the Converse Website.  These could be worn year round.   You could pair them with shorts, skirts, capris and skinny jeans to either be casual or dress up an outfit with the fantastic color!

Here are a few ideas on how to style Conserve..... (all photos are taken from Pinterest)


Friday, August 16, 2013

My 1st Wildflower Case

Well, I broke down and ordered my 1st Wildflower Case.  I ordered it on Tuesday night and had it in my mailbox Friday afternoon! #CalitoWisco It was really worth the price!  It makes the phone feel heavier, which I love. The pictures on their website make it look like it's fabric with metal studding over it, but there is actually plastic over the fabric for protection. The bumper fits perfectly over the buttons.  Of course after I ordered the one I liked the most, they released another one I really like.  I'll have to wait a while to purchase that one.  Great quality....officially hooked on Wildflower! #treatyoself

My 1st Wildflower Case
Hopefully My Next Case

Friday, August 9, 2013

Makeup Storage Updated

My makeup storage needed a major overhaul.  I've seen beauty bloggers use 3-drawer sets from The Container Store.  I don't have a container store by my house, so I decided to check out Bed, Bath and beyond.  I found something close, but a little disappointed on how small they are, but they still get the job done....check out the major overhaul!  ~Holsnicole

Monday, August 5, 2013

Macadamia Deep Repair Masque Review

I recently purchased a sample size of the Macadamia-Deep Repair Masque.  I was a little worried at first to try, since I have color treated hair, but it said right on the packaging that it was safe for highlights.

I've only used the product once, but I'm hooked! It not only made my hair super soft, but also gave it tons of volume.  Product smelled great and didn't make my hair greasy at all. Wish I could use it everyday!  (recommended use-2x per week).

The sample size of 1 fl. oz was $4 at Ulta....the sales associate said I would get 4-5 uses out of it.  I'll look into buying the bottle or tub next!

Great purchase!


Saturday, August 3, 2013

New Beauty TestTube Product Review

I received the NewBeauty TestTube last month and have gotten around to try some of the products in the tube, well the products that I actually see myself using.

Here is my take on what I thought about the products and weather or not I will keep subscribing to the TestTube

Everyone on Youtube was stating on how big the box was that was shipped to them.  I didn't think it was big at all.  When I opened up the box there was the tube, the bonus product pouch, the product guide and The Beauty Authority New Beauty magazine.

The Magazine wasn't anything to write home about.  There was a lot of articles in it that did interest me at all.  Not worth the full price of $9.95 at all.

The product guide was very helpful, since I didn't know how to use some of the products.

The Bonus product pouch I feel had to do with the articles in the magazine...age defying, enhancing face, etc...First thing was two small packets of Nip + Fab No Needle Fix Serum (firms wrinkles), small tube of Perricone MD High Potency Eye Lift and Boost-it! instant complexion enhancer (which I really don't know how to use and what it even would do).  I will be giving the bonus items to my mom.  Not sure something that a 30 year-old with firm, young looking skin needs.  However, it was nice getting bonus products.

Now, onto the main products of the tube:

I had 4 favorite products of the tube:

1. Moroccanoil Body Butter - smells so good and so nourishing, just wish it was a larger size
2. it's a 10 miracle leave-in Lite - smells great and leaves my hair untangled.
3. Philosophy purity cleanser - have used this before - clean my beautyblender with it.
4. Lumene Pure Radiance Night Cream - never used night cream before, however makes my face feel soft after removing my makeup.

I had 3 not so favorite products:
1. Tarte Pure Maracuja Oil-smells good, but not sure what, if I would actually use this. I feel it would make my face oily.
2. Orly nail polish - I love the fact that its a full size, just not a fan of the color.  It goes on almost white.  I would have preferred any other color that was in the product guide.
3.  YBF eye brown pencil - never used before - not sure if I will. I have pretty thick eye brows.

I had 2 least favorite products:
1. Pantene Expert AgeDefy Shampoo and Conditioner - nice size, smells horrible, not a big fan of cheap drug store shampoos.
2. Perlage Illuminating Primer - Very tiny - the pot wasn't even filled, not sure if mine was defective.  I feel I wouldn't know if it actually worked or not, since there is maybe enough for one application.  I like to try products out a few times before I can really decide.

Overall, I liked the tube.  I kind of knew what I was getting before I ordered though.  It kind of took the fun out of it.

Would I get it again!?!?!  Well, I did cancel the subscription.  As much as I like surprises, I think I want to see what's in the next one before I purchase.  Thanks to Youtube reviews from guru's I know what's in the tubes, even before they release it online.

Not 100% sold on this subscription yet.