Sunday, November 3, 2013


Over the past month I have used up a lot of products-from hair, face to fragrances.  I have narrowed it down to the top 6 products that it was my 1st or 2nd time around purchasing or will purchase again.  

1. Redken Hairspray  Fashion Work 12
      I really don't know what bottle I am on.  This is a product that I keep going back to.  I typically purchase this in a travel size, since I have been going on a lot of weekend trips lately, however I feel like I should really purchase the full size.  It just leaves a great feel to your hair.  Does not weigh it down or make it feel "crunchy".  It also has a scent that reminds me of a light men's cologne smell, which I love!

2. Regis Brand DesignLine  Root Boost 
    I have been using this product for a long time. The smell reminds me of fruity pebbles, but doesn't leave the sweet smell in your hair.  This foamy spray lifts your roots and gives your flat hair some body.  I have very fine hair, although it doesn't do wonders for my hair, without it, it would be worse. I don't think you can purchase this online, but most malls have a Regis Salon (at least in the Midwest).

3. Philosophy Purity
   I purchased this 8 fl oz bottle back in April and I only use it to clean my Beauty Blender once a week.  I know you are thinking why spend a great deal on a cleanser, just to clean a sponge.  I am convinced this has prolonged the life of the blender and will continue to purchase this cleanser for just that use. It is very gentle on the skin and delicate materials.

4. Urban Decay  All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray
    You saw that I recently just purchased a few one of these. I haven't gotten through that one yet, that was a replacement.  I typically have long days at work/school, so having a product that will keep my face intact for the day is a plus. This light mist cools my face in the summer, but yet still moisturizes in the colder months.

5. Cover Girl Outlast Stay Fabulous Foundation
   My holy grail product!  I am currently on my 2nd bottle.  I cannot say enough about this product (just like BeautyBaby44 and MsMeghanmakeup) This foundation does not leave a cakey look on your face at all.  Just a light, airy foundation. The only downfall of the product was the 1st bottle that I had, the product stuck to the side and I couldn't really tell that it was empty until one morning I used it and I ran out.  My 2nd bottle is going a lot better and I can actually see the product moving down.  I will be buying this product over and over I feel.

6. Gucci Guilty Perfume
   I believe this is my 3rd or 4th bottle. Love the scent! Not a sweet smell at all, which I prefer.  I am currently switching it up and I just purchased the new Tory Burch fragrance, but I think after I'm done with that, I will be repurchasing.

I cannot say enough about the above products!  I use all of them almost everyday and wouldn't change them for the world.  Does anyone have any products that you rave about??  If so, hit me up on Twitter @Holsnicole    I would love to hear from you!


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