Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday Night Mall Haul

After a long week of work one might just go home on a Friday at 5pm and relax, go out for drinks and a movie.  Me?  I hit the mall for a little retail therapy!
I had a few things in mind before going, but I picked up a few extra things (thank you Friday payday!)

Planned stop-Sephora
I was all excited to hit 500-point perk on my VIB card, however I was not interested in what they had to offer for gifts, so I decided to hold my points until next time.
I had to pick up my favorite makeup setting spray-Urban Decay "All Nighter".  I also had heard great things about Sephora's Express Cleansing Wipes. They were a little pricey, but I'll have to see if they are worth the money.  Then my splurge of the purchase-Marc Jacobs Lip Lock in Makeout.  This is a great moisture balm for the winter and it also has SPF 18.  I love the way it feels and it will be great for the cold winters of Wisconsin.

Next stop-Bath & Body Works
I wanted to pick up a few candles.  Chose the mason jar ones, since they were on sale. 2 for $15  They currently have great winter scents and even though I didn't like most of them (too sweet) I found two that I absolutely loved!  Tis the Season and Sparking Icicles (my fav) are the best. They have such cute packaging and lids-love the skates!  While close to the checkout I also came across another perfect scent.-Mahogany Teakwood.  I love the manly scent of this.  It makes my bedroom smell soooo good. :)

Last/Final stop-JCPenney
I always hear about people getting major deals here, so I had to check it out for myself.  I have never really looked too hard at this store, but they have really picked up their image and the store at my local mall was very clean-minus the dressing rooms :(  I saw the Joe Fresh "shop" right away.  After picking up and putting back many sweater, due to poorly made materials, I found a pretty cool t-shirt that I could wear under sweaters (bummed though when I got home and notice that the Sales Associate put a hole in it when she took the security tag off-oh well it was only $10-not going to fuss with taking it back.)
I also found a couple of sweaters by A.NA. Love the gray one-just a cozy sweater for winter-reminds me of the sweaters at Brandy Melville that all the beauty gurus love!

Overall, this was a pretty successful shopping trip.  I got my "therapy" for the week ;)

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