Sunday, March 30, 2014

Spring Colors

Today was the first real day of spring here in Wisconsin.  Even though it's not going to last very long (stupid snow), it got me in the mood to do a little shopping and start the hunt for spring colors.

One thing that I absolutely love is pastel colored nail polish.  I have chosen my top 3.  If you haven't checked out my Pinterest page yet, you might know that I'm partial to one of the colors below....

Since, I'm on the topic of my favorite color (and if you don't know by now, it's mint!)  I came across the most beautiful purse in the word.  This purse was a little pricey, but felt like a spring/summer staple piece such as this, would be worth it.

Photo taken from

I purchased this purse on  Since the warehouse is based in Madison, I received my package pretty quickly.  I also treated myself to some Tory Burch flip flops that were on "clearance".

Next mission to find cute spring clothes!

Happy Spring!


*This is not a sponsored post.  The following items were purchased on my own. 

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