Saturday, January 4, 2014

Snail Mail

I was aimlessly walking the aisles of Target last night and walked past the card section and thought to myself the only cards I ever purchase are the ones I put on packages and hand deliver people. Snail mail has become a thing of the past and it makes me sad.  I once loved getting cards, letters, notes in the mail in college from my friends that I once saw everyday. Just the joy of seeing a little envelope in the mailbox means a lot. Whether you are sending a card for a special occasion or just a note to say hello! Go buy some stamps and cute cards and make your loved ones feel loved!

Recently, I have become obsessed with little cards, not the ones you can get at Walgreens, Target or Hallmark, but more unique ones.  Anthropologie and have some great options.   Here are some of my favorite ones...


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  1. Hello There!
    I too look forward to getting cards and stuff in the mail, though it doesn't happen very often. In fact one of my goals for the year is to find an old fashioned pen-pal, which is proving harder then I thought. But for now I think I will take your advice and start sending out letters and cards of my own, just because.

    Happy SitsSharefest!