Friday, January 10, 2014

Birchblogger Review: Beauty Protector Hair Serum

I recently received the opportunity from Birchbox to try out Beauty Protector's newest Hair Serum.  I will start off by saying, WOW!  I'm always a little skeptical trying these types of products, due to my fine hair.  However, this provided my strands with a nice sheen and didn't weigh my hair down at all.

Beauty Protector, Hair Serum

First Impressions:

I absolutely love the packaging!  It is very durable (great for travel) and has a very nice size pump.  Love the gold & black.

I wish there was a such a thing as "smell-a-vision".  I can't pin-point the exact smell, but it's very warm, sweet, sugary smell.  Not overpowering by any means. However, on day 1 I could smell it throughout the day (not a bad thing).  Day 2, couldn't smell anything.

Day 1: Used after I towel dried my hair.  Pumped about 3 drops into my roots and worked the product down my strands (my hair is just below the shoulders).   Left my hair feeling smooth and made my straightener (protects against heat) glide through my hair.  Couldn't really tell if there was a shine on the 1st day-more just softness and smelling wonderful!

Day 2: Same routine.  Left my hair feeling smooth again and easy to curl.  A little bit of a shine.

I will continue to use this product to see if there are any changes in my hair. Overall, I am very happy with this product.  Typically something I would never buy for myself, but I could see a difference even within 2 days.  I will for sure be checking out other products from Beauty Protector!


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