Sunday, August 25, 2013

Simple Brand Review

I haven't always been the greatest on taking my make-up off at night, washing my face (other than in the shower) or using the best moisturizer.  That all changed once I started using Simple Brand products.

I started out by using their cleansing facial wipes to get rid of my make-up in the evening. At first I was a little skeptical, since the first few wipes were kind of dry in the pack.  The further I got through the pack the more moist the wipes were and the better they took off the make-up and dirt.

One a recent trip to Ulta, I was on the hunt to purchase their protecting light moisturizer.  I am completely in love with it!  Not only does it smell fresh, it feels super light on the skin and my make-up just glides over it.  Helps it's also oil free and has SPF 15!

I also picked up a travel size kit of their moisturizing facial wash, cleansing facial wipes and replenishing rich moisturizer. Which was on sale for a little over $4-what a great deal and also great for my trip to Chicago soon! :)

Ulta was having a sale and also a promotion going on at the time (I think they still do)  If you spent $15, you got a make-up case and samples of more Simple Brand and Own renewing products.

Check out Simple Brand products-you won't regret it!


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