Sunday, August 17, 2014

Birchbox + The EveryGirl

Two of my favorite websites coming together to produce an awesome product...of course I would get it!

The first day that Birchbox announced that they would be having a box with the website The Everygirl, I jumped right on it to get it.  However, there was such high traffic on the sit,e that I wasn't able to secure a box. I send Birchbox a tweet to let them know how bummed I was.  If you didn't already know, Birchbox has a great customer service department and I was able to get The EveryGirl box at the last min. (plus another box, since they didn't send me the right one).

I am totally in love with this box! It came with 5 products.

Number 4-Super Comb Prep & Protect
Benefit-They're Real! Push-Up Liner
Acure Organics-brightening Facial Scrub
Harvey Prince-Hello Perfume
Not Soap, Radio-Happiness Inducing Body Wash

For once I will be using all the products  in this box.  My favorite is by far the Harvey Prince-Hello perfume!

What is your favorite product in the box? If you didn't get the EveryGirl box this month-what was in your box?

Happy 'Birchboxing' my friends!

Want to win a chance to host your own Benefit Cosmetics Party!?!?!  Birchbox and Benefit are giving you a chance to do just that!  Check out this link for more info!


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