Sunday, August 24, 2014

Benefit Balms

I have always been a little nervous on using Benefit's tints.  The thought of using a "stain" on my cheeks and lips has me running for a hot wash cloth!  Maybe I just need to break down and try it one time.  However, for now I'll stick to their lip balms.   I was so excited when these were first introduced.  I received a sample of the Posie Balm in my July Birchbox and fell in love with it!

First things first....The packaging is so adorable! These balms leave your lips feeling hydrated and have just a light tint of color. I mainly purchased a full size of the Bene-Balm, based on the light red tint it gave off.  I was a little scared at first of the red, but after doing a few swatches of it on my hand, I noticed that it just had a red sheen to it.

The balms come in 4 colors-Bene balm, Posie balm. Lolli balm, and Cha Cha balm.
They are totally worth the money and I would recommend them to anyone...based on the packaging alone.....Then again, I would recommend any Benefit products!


*This is not a sponsored post. 

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