Monday, February 10, 2014

Shopping Haul-Galena, IL Edition!

This past weekend I spent time in Galena, IL.  I had never been there before, but my mom suggested it, as one of our seasonal weekend trips away.  I didn't know what to think at first.  When I started to google shopping in the area, I didn't think that I would find much, let alone buy much...boy was I wrong!

They had such cute stores!  There were just a few that I really fell in love with.  To name a few: Poopsies and  Simply Elegant Boutique

At Poopsies I picked up two Ginger Snaps for my bracelet.  If you don't know what Ginger Snaps are-check them out!  Great interchangeable bracelets, rings and necklaces.  I also got some cute greeting cards (you know I'm a sucker for those) and I also special ordered a Chicago Blackhawks print.  (Great service-purchased late on Friday, shipped out today and with reasonable shipping). They have a website that you can purchase some goodies on.

Simply Elegant Boutique was by far my favorite!  On Friday afternoon we went there and they had handbags for 40% off.  I picked up a brown crossbody bag for only $37!  I also got a really pretty scarf in some of my favorite colors and a brushed silver star bracelet.  We went back on Saturday and noticed that they carried the brand Free People-so I coped another scarf that is perfect for all seasons!

Overall, if you are ever in or around Galena, IL please check out there downtown area.  Great shopping and restaurants!

Can't wait to go back sometime!


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