Sunday, July 28, 2013

Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes

Never really thought about cleaning my makeup brushes. I always used the same makeup on them.  What I didn't think about was all the dirt and grime on the brushes..... 

I had watched tutorials on how to clean my beauty blender on youtube.  After noticing all the foundation just running out of the sponge as I was washing it with a cleanser, I knew I should start caring for my brushes.

How I Clean My Brushes:

1. Get the brush damp just a little.
2. Put a nickel size amount of cleanser in your palm (I use Philosophy's Purity-one-step facial cleanser).
3. Rub the brush on your palm and work the cleanser though it.
4. Rinse out the cleanser, while squeezing the grime out of your brush (you will see the powder, eye shadow and dirt come right now.
5. Continue to do this until it rinses out clean.
6. Lay brushes flat on a clean washcloth.
7. Repeat at least once a week.


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