Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Mmmm...House Smells Good.....

So, I've always been a fan of candles, but recently I've been into actually burning them more!  The smell of candles just relaxes me. Whether that's a full 8 hours+ on the weekends or for about 5 hours at night after work, I try to burn at least one everyday.

My favorite brand is the Yankee Brand-SOHO. I get most of my candles at Marshall's, since they are only about $9.99 for the big jar.  Full price they are over $20. 

However, recently I've been buying them at Bath and Body Works. They have had some really good sales over the holiday season. The current one I'm burning is Moonlight Path. It's just nice calming scent. They also have their new summer scents out. I love the packaging! My favorite one is Beach Cabana!  It reminds me of Crystal Cove in Newport Beach, CA

*Candles taken from bathandbodyworks.com

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