Sunday, May 4, 2014

Home Desk Organization

I am normally a very organized and clean person.  However, I recently noticed that my home desk was getting a little cluttered with random items.  I wanted to new look - one that was simple and less messy.

From a recent order from  I received an acrylic organizer that has a cute diamond green pattern at the bottom.  I think it was suppose to be used for makeup, but I thought it would be a great desk organizer!

You can find these acrylic organizers at stores like Target, The Container Store, office supply stores, etc. There are a wide variety of them and you can tailor them to the size of your desk or how many items you want to put in them.  A simple serving tray would work as well, just to group everything together.  But, I do like the different compartments to separate the contents.  

Let me know if you have any organizational tips for your home office.

Happy organizing!


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