Saturday, February 2, 2013

Birchbox vs Glam Bag (ipsy)

I have been subscribing to Birchbox for almost a year now, even though I enjoy getting a box of sample beauty products in the mail each month, I really don't end up using half the things that I receive. I feel that the questionnaire that I filled out at the beginning of my subscription was only good for like a month or two, because shortly after that my boxes went down hill and its been pretty much hit or miss each month.  Just recently I heard about My Glam Bag (, I've only received one bag so far, but I'm in love already!  Every thing that I received I will use and they are more of a deluxe size samples too! I'm going to give both sites one more month and then decide which one I'm going to stay with....right now I'm leaning towards Glam Bag.....

Do you have one that you prefer or maybe even another company you think is worth trying out???

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